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Why use an Interior Designer?

Interior Design CodsallGiven the current economic environment many may actually shy away from the notion of using a designer all together. However, the best and most striking solutions are often the most cost effective.

Have you ever bought the wrong wallpaper or furniture that doesn't quite fit? If so you will know that choosing the right items can be more difficult than it looks- and mistakes can be costly.

It is not just about finding things that look good and are the right size and shape. They must also fit functionality and to the budget. Items must also work with existing pieces in the scheme to create the right effect.

Many people believe that an interior designer or decorator is going to cost them a lot of money, or that using such a service is for the upper echelons only... an extravagant luxury. 

  • They may be unsure about how an interior designer will work and what will they charge?
  • They might think they would be seen as a failure, if they couldn't decorate or style their own home themselves.
  • Then there is the possibility they might think an interior designer will impose their own taste on the property and they would not like the result.

The good news is that ella melrose interiors can help anybody, no matter how tight their budget.

Ella Melrose Interiors, in Brewood near Wolverhampton, can save you money by avoiding expensive mistakes. We are there to guide and assist you and help you make the right choices. We can also save you time and stress. If you work we can come and help by sourcing furnishings for you. Are you hesitating about a colour scheme OR what style furniture to put in a room...our interior design expertise can prove invaluable.

As a designer we can be employed in different ways, from the supply only or through to the project management of the whole scheme.

Some times we can just help with your colours and job is to big or too small.

Good Communication and respect between our client and designer is the key to a successful relationship.

The whole experience should be enjoyable. We like to discuss with the client at the beginning of the project exactly what style the client wishes to achieve and what their needs are. A good scheme needs to be able to work on a practical level as well as look good. Often a client has their own ideas but does not know how to source them. It is our job to know who supplies what and where to source good quality at the best possible price; offering you a wider choice of products often unavailable to the general public.

We want to suggest and achieve a high quality and attractive scheme on a budget given.... Ella aims to make the difference between a good design and a stunning design giving that extra wow factor to your project.

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Yes compensating the mistakes you made during Interior designing are much costly as you hire an interior designer for your home.
June 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRubber Roofing

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